Need help installing Bose speakers

Hi experts,

I am trying to set up the Bose Companion 2 multimedia speakers system:

on a Lenovo M91p. I installed a Creative Sound Blaster X-fi Xtreme Audio into a PCIe slow with no problems. The drivers installed, and the sound card shows up in device manager.

In the BIOS, I have tried it both with and without On Board sound enabled. It would make sense to have it disabled.

The right speaker has one wire going to power. Another going to the left speaker. There are four RCA ports.  The two top ones are each for left and take the RCA jack which is white. The two bottom are for right and take RCA jacks which are red.

The first time, I plugged the white (L) and red (R) ports on the left side. The second time, I tried plugging the white (L) and red (right) into the right side ports. Neither way works.

Results are. Enable onboard sound and get sound from the onboard speaker inside the computer and get no sound from the Bose speakers. Disable onboard sound and get no sound from either.

Thank you.

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Skyler KincaidConnect With a Mentor Network/Systems EngineerCommented:
You can test the output of the speakers by plugging them into an iPod or cell phone to make sure it isn't the speakers.

Have you rebooted the computer since you installed the audio drivers? If it was me I would

1. try to install the drivers again
2. verify that the speakers work on a different device (ie. iPod)
3. reboot the computer
4. Make sure that it is set as the default audio device
Skyler KincaidNetwork/Systems EngineerCommented:
Hey Bert,

What you need to do is:
1. right click on the speaker icon in your task bar and go to Playback Devices
2. From the window that comes up you can set the default output device. The onboard audio and the additional card can function at the same time you just need to tell the computer what device to use by default.

These are instructions for Windows 7. Let me know if you have something else.
tailoreddigitalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Whether or not the audio is disabled in the BIOS shouldn't make a difference.

Have you set the new sound card as the default device in the Operating System?

What OS are you running?
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Bert2005Author Commented:
I did set it as the default. It is WIN 7 Pro. I am rather sure it is plugged into the green output button in the back of the computer.
Green is correct.   Do the drivers show installed in the Device Manager?
Bert2005Author Commented:
Thanks xKincaidx and tailoreddigital,

I will try those steps. I don't know why it is listed twice and I can only make one the default.

Sound device file
Skyler KincaidNetwork/Systems EngineerCommented:
It probably has a few different audio outputs and that is why it shows up twice. Most of the Xi-Fi cards have multiple outputs.
Bert2005Author Commented:
I figured it out with your help. My mistake was so stupid I can't even write it here. I should give up my membership card.
Skyler KincaidNetwork/Systems EngineerCommented:
No worries at least it is fixed! I am guessing that you didn't have the volume turned up or the speakers powered on :)
Bert2005Author Commented:
No. computer comes with its own input jacks. I kept using those even though the sound card jacks were at the bottom where the card was. Kinda coincidential :-).

Guess I don't understand why a) if it has onboard sound why it needs the jacks in the back. Or b) why, when I plugged these speakers in those jacks, they didn't work.

The Who is cranking right now.

And why are there two sets of RCA jacks coming out of the back of speaker:

L   X     X

R   X    X

If you can't answer as it is a different question, I understand.
Skyler KincaidNetwork/Systems EngineerCommented:
The computer has onboard sound but also has the jacks in the back so you can plug in speakers or headphones. It also looks like it has a plugin for headphones or speakers in the front as well.

The speakers have two sets of RCA jacks on the back because the other one is probably an additional input so that you can run sound from your DVD player or TV. I see in the product description that it says Dual Inputs. That would be my best guess.
Bert2005Author Commented:
Thank you for the added information. I love EE.
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