Excel Formula which tests a string

If contents of E3 = "Loss"
  value of G3 = -1 * contents of D3
If contents of E3 = "Win"
  value of G3 = ABS(D3)

I need to create a formula for cell G3 based on contents of E3 and D3 as described above.

Help is needed.
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Juan OcasioApplication DeveloperCommented:

or if you're may have something other than WIN or Loss:

Juan OcasioApplication DeveloperCommented:
Here is another way to make sure that Win, WIN, win, Loss, LOSS, loss get identified:

supportorangesAuthor Commented:
Thank you for this quick answer on the weekend.  It is really appreciated!
Juan OcasioApplication DeveloperCommented:
No problem!  Just reply to this chain if you need additional help or come across an outlier that isn't addressed here!

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