How do i remove the side bar on the wordpress theme.

i need to remove unnecessary information from the theme.  can some one advise.
ittechlabLinux SupportAsked:
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ecarboneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
did you try my steps?

1. go to Appearance > Widgets
2. remove all of the items from the Homepage and/or Subpages Sidebar
go to Appearance > Widgets, and then remove all of the items from the Homepage and/or Subpages Sidebar
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ittechlabLinux SupportAuthor Commented:
<?php get_sidebar(); ?>

do i need to create this?

when i run this under PC Custom CSS Settings - version 1.3 nothing happens.

please guide me i am new to this
Which theme are you using?

Where is you website?
ittechlabLinux SupportAuthor Commented:
Current Theme
Twenty Twelve

    By the WordPress team
    Version 1.1
Frederic SuneConnect With a Mentor CEO, IT in MIND inc.Commented:
The sidebar is created by your theme, when you create a page/post, check on the side if you can change the template, must have one called default and them look for one called full width... If not, you need to edit your theme and remove the code <?php get_sidebar(); ?> or create a new page, call it full-width.php and remove the code.
The risk with that, is when the theme is updated, it's going to over write your change. Better to have a theme with the right template...
Frederic SuneCEO, IT in MIND inc.Commented:
For the Twelve theme there is a page called Full width Page Template, no sidebar - here is your answer...
ittechlabLinux SupportAuthor Commented:
under home i have home link and leave a reply. is it widgets? how do i remove it
tailoreddigitalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Be sure you are logged innto the admin section.

Do what itinmind just pointed out,   go into "pages" choose "edit" on one of the pages,  on the right side should be a "template" dropdown, choose "Full width Page Template, no sidebar"

Do this to whatever pages that you don't want a sidebar
ittechlabLinux SupportAuthor Commented:
I will try it and let me update. Thanks
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