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Why can I not see the progress of deleted temporary files?

Using a friend's computer. I go to control panel > internet options > then a window to delete temporary files. On my Vista machine at home, there is a green progress bar that runs from left to right as files are deleted. That window closes when the action is complete. This Vista system has a different looking window and there is no progress bar seen.
I do not know if files are being deleted or not.
IE 7.0 is part of the problem.
Any other way to remove the files and know the progress?
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My pc at home has 9.0 and does have a progess bar.

This pc has IE 7.0.
I've tried to get 9.0 but it says the service pack 2 and other updates are not compatible with this version of Windows. Vista 6.0 with service pack 1.

It's not my pc so I guess I can not proceed to do any downloads.
The pc is locking up with IE 7.0 and I have no way to know if the temp. files have ever been deleted. The pc owner does not use IE and the temp files may have never been deleted, who knows.

I have ccleaner on my system at home.
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I just used ccleaner and only 24 MB of temp files were removed.

It must be this IE 7.0 and Vista 6.0 that is causing this pc to lockup and bog down when using IE. Pages won't load well, etc.
can you try installing Firefox and/or Chrome and try visiting these same websites?

do the sites work better using these alternate browsers?
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Yes they do and FF and Chrome are already on the pc.
you can try resetting IE ...
Open Internet Explorer then go to Tools > Internet Options
Click on the Advanced tab then click Reset.

They close IE when it's done, relaunch it then try to browse that site again.
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It's not my pc so I'll leave it like it is. The slowness must be the wireless internet service.
After removing the temporary files with Ccleaner, I noticed no real difference.

Unless 24mb of temp. folders is alot.
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