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Having problem using DNS to redirect shares

I just upgraded a file server to Server 2012.  In order to preserve some existing share names I gave the new server the old server's IP address then set static DNS settings pointing both names to the same IP.  I had expected that the unc paths pointing to the old server would now be directed to the new one but that is not happening.  I'm not sure what I missed and would very much appreciate some assistance.
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try clearing the DNS cache!

from a workstation:
1. run the command prompt as administrator
2. type ipconfig /flushdns
3. type exit

try again.
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Did that several times.  I can ping the server fine (both new and old names properly resolve to the new server) but if I try to browse a unc path using the old server name it fails saying the path can't be found.
are the share names exactly the same on the new server?


maybe try deleting the arp cache?

from a command prompt (run as administrator):
netsh interface ip delete arpcache

could take 2-10 (?) minutes
Right, and all the shares have the same permissions as before.  I'll try the arp cache now.
Were the original shares mapped using a login script or through active directory?
Maybe you need to unmap them and try again?
They are mapped with a login script and also using group policy for redirected documents and desktops.  The arpcache command had no affect unfortunately.  I'm going to try renaming the new server with the old server's name, can't imagine what else to try.
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Not the ideal solution