network settings

i am unable to restart the network.
please see attached pic.

how do i fix this. I did remove ifcfg-bond0 file still bond0 exists. i want to remove bond0 and start the network on eth0 only
ittechlabLinux SupportAsked:
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Slav ZabickiSystem EngineerCommented:
what distro are you using?
yum provides
that's the command, but the missing library comes from ncurses so
Slav ZabickiSystem EngineerCommented:
a little bit off topic
run this first
yum provides

find what provides that library and install the package.

AND disable zeroconf - add the following line to the file: /etc/sysconfig/network


EDIT  /etc/sysconfig/network, get rid of bond0 interface and change eth0 to static or dynamic.

or just send me your /etc/sysconfig/network and if-eth0 just to check entries you provided in these two files
ittechlabLinux SupportAuthor Commented:
how do i find what package provide this library.
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