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Upgrade Lync 2010 to 2012

Hello Experts,
Currently i have lync 2010 standard edition deployment with Lync edge server. I am planning to upgrade from 2010 to 2013 to get new features. Thus, please can someone give the step by guide to migrate completely from 2010 to 2013

I would appreciate any help and suggestions are welcome
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Haresh Nikumbh
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Just a quick questions

- Lync 2013 can be installed on Windows 2008 R2 ?
- I have Windows 2008 domain, do i need to upgrade the domain to 2012 to make lync to work ?

Thanks for your help.
yes Lynch 2013 can be installed on Windows 2008R2 SP1 or latest service pack server.
Please can provide me guide of upgrading lync 2010 SE to 2013 SE.

u havnt refer guide ? it has given all steps with screenshot
I am following that guide but when I am trying to download topology from existing deployment i receive the error " Topology builder could not copy the topology from the central management store cannot read topology Verify the topology data is accessible.

Any guess ?

I have completely turned off windows firewall on both servers. But still facing the same

I had trying turn off firewall on both server lync 2010 and new 2013 but no luck. Below is the error snapshot. Please need support in this.

User generated image
you have join this server in domain?
Yes I have joined.
I solved that issue when you asked that it is joined to domain then I verified it is joined but the new server was not able to resolve the lync 2010 server name. Later I found i was missing the host record for the server !!!
I am looking forward to upgrade the server.

I'll update the information.
I have fully followed the above article completed all 3 parts.I have now basic coexistence Lync 2010 and Lync 2013.
I need to remove lync 2010 from the site ? Can you provide the steps.

I have completed step 4
I have also move the central management store following this link

When I was trying to publish toplogy on Lync 2013 I received the error
"The existing topology  identifies\rtc as the central management store, but the topology that you are trying to publish indentifies abc1.stg.local\rtc as the central management store. The central management stores must match before the topology can be published."

I solved this error by applying this command

My question
Now when I am trying to publish the topology and central management store selection window appears. In that select still it shows my old Lync 2010 server and doesn't show new server

Please any help on this

I have gone through that link but no luck.
On lync 2013 I am trying to download topology it gives the error."cannot find the location of central management store in active directory"

I ran this command on lync server management shell

No Configuration store location has been set.

Please any help.

check  AD Configuration container. if you find multiple CN=Topology Settings.
Where I can find that Can you provide me that path.

I browse to the container but I didn't find anything

User generated image
Active directory configuration container using ADSIEdit
Did you change the Lync server FQDN also please check would you be able to resolve DNS records accordingly.
also run the following commands from the Lync management shell to verify active directory preparation

1- Get-CsAdServerSchema you have a reply similar to this "SCHEMA_VERSION_STATE_CURRENT"

2- Get-CsAdForest you should have a reply similar to this "LC_FORESTSETTINGS_STATE_READY"
I got similar results as mentioned above. I can resolve DNS records no issues.
Under the topology builder it still shows the fqdn of my lync 2010 server as Central Management Server.

Since this was my test lab environment on hyper v I return my dc and lync server to the saved snapshot. I have decided to remove lync 2010 when all the services are working fine with 2013
Now I am running into two issues. When I am trying to login with lync clien 2013 on Windows PC, it still tries to connect to lync 2010 server and ask me to try to anoter server. After selecting try another server it gets connected ? Why is it prompting to choose servers ?

- After clicking on the scheduled meeting link, it shows only blank page ?

Please any help.