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Intel Server Board - S2600CP2

Hi Experts,

Ive had a pretty unique problem. I bought enough gear to build 3 servers for a client. Gear consists of:

Each server consists of:

1x     P4308XXMEHN Chassis
1x      Intel s2600CP2 Motherboard
2x      Intel E5-2609 2.4GHz Processors
2x      Intel BXSTS200C Thermal Solutions
2x      Kingston 16Gb DDR3 1066MHz Memory Module
1x      Intel RS2BL040 RAID Controller

For the life of me i cant get the server to boot. I have been on the phone with Intel support and they arnt very helpful. All they said was the server components are Intel verified. Ive tried all 3 combination of parts 3 sets of components and im getting the same problem.

Whats happening is the server turns on briefly for 2 seconds then goes off for 2 seconds. It continues cycle through this until turned off.

I tried clearing the CMOS and and when i plug the CMOS clear jumper back in the normal state the server boots like nothing has happened. I get amber lights all over the motherboard from memory sockets, cpu power connectors, fan connectors, processor 12v power and system fault lights.

Once the server is shut down and turned back on the server power cycles every 2 seconds again.

Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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John Gobert
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I've seen this happen before when the motherboard is grounding out on the case.  May not be your issue but I'd at least look into it.

Pull the board out of the case and set it up on a table with the minimum components needed to boot... see what happens.

If you can get it to boot outside the case then I'd take a really close look at the case design and such to see how and where it's touching...
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Trevor Mifsud



I tried that I get the same problem.

Ok... so with just the motherboard, RAM and video sitting on a table with no case, connected to the power supply, a keyboard and a monitor you can't get it to boot?

I know you said you tried combinations of all your hardware... is there any common denominator?

What processor are you using?  Are you 100% absolutely positive that the BIOS revision on the motherboard is updated enough to support the processor revision?  Yes, I know how dumb that question sounds, but there are very few possibilities left that I can think of...

Have you queued up your vendor that you may need some fast tracked RMA's?
Yeah I tried powering up the board outside the case with different combinations of hardware.

I'm 100%.  Intel said everything is verified and said there is no reason why it shouldn't work.

I can't even get into the bios to check those settings.

Well... with all things being equal, unless I'm crazy, Intel is full of crap.

I'd call back in and talk to a different rep... here's why...

Think about what components a PC needs to boot... minimum... motherboard, power, memory, video.  That's it.  The only component that will cause it to fail to boot AND not give you a beep code or some real indication of what is failing is if the CPU is toast or isn't supported.

Make sense?
Yeah I tried a different processor today. So tomorrow I'm going to get a different model motherboard. See if that makes a difference.
Good idea... sorry we couldn't come up with anything to help immediately... I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!
That's ok.
Sometimes it's good to talk to other people to see if what your doing is the right or wrong thing.
True... have you compared the LED's to the technical guide for that board to see if the pattern matches any listed condition?  I know you've probably checked that already but if they're blinking then it may be indicating the situation.

Are you installing two processors in each machine?
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Shane McKeown
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Any luck yet?  Still keeping my fingers crossed!