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BGP Summarize network

Dear All,

We are using MPLS on our Router

now we need to add a summarized network on the existing BGP setup.....but unable to show the same under BGP table.

this is my BGP config.

router bgp 65300
no synchronization
bgp log-neighbor-changes
network mask
network mask
network mask
redistribute ospf 10
neighbor remote-as 65009
neighbor default-originate
neighbor weight 10
no auto-summary

All of the networks are redistributing though OSPF.
Now i need to advertise summarized networks like & We tried to advertise this with "network" comand  but i cant see these networks in BGP table.
How to advertise these summary networks through BGP.

I am a beginner with BGP......could you people help on the same ?
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Hi Pergr,

Thanks for your replay.

Do i need to remove these from config to do that?

"network mask
network mask
network mask
redistribute ospf 10"

Did the aggregate command do any difference in existing sites?
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You can remove the network statements if you want to, but it is not necessary.

Not sure what you mean with "existing sites", but other sites will now only receive the /8 and /12 routes.

If all of your sites are using smaller networks in these /8 and /12, then it is probably not suitable to advertise only those routes - but your question was how to do these summary routes.
Thanks Pergr. Its working fine. :)