CCTV Install

Have 3x quotes for a 4x HD IP camera system.

All 3x seem to be pricey.  However:

Supplier A = Qvis ibox 16 channel, cceye-2801 cameras
B = Lilin nvr109, lr6122x cameras
C = Samsung srd-850dc nvr, scv-2081rp cameras...

All 3 don't look that expensive.  What would you choose?
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avcontrolConnect With a Mentor Commented:
"Most of manufacturing would not show those ...."
means that most of them  would like to make less obvious how good they are in major parameters, which is


definition "As for avoiding night vision, we have three of them and they work great." is very loose, does not allow you judge properly.
And yes, it all good, unless you do need best quality, as to reading license plate #, face to be somewhat recognizable and can be used by police, and so on.
You cannot achieve high def with "night vision" where LED used to high light dark areas, and it will be limited just to certain spots, not full screen captured.
Kent FichtnerConnect With a Mentor Information Technology Systems SupervisorCommented:
To be honest I would go with GeoVision.  That is what we have.  The cameras come with the software for free, it can handle up to (I believe) 32 IP cameras.  It has a nice web interface for remote viewing.  We just got a desktop with a large amount of storage, installed the software and it found the IP cameras.  It works great for us and wasn't too expensive.
CHI-LTDAuthor Commented:
Did you install it yourself?  Are you a security company?
Does it record when motion detected?
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Kent FichtnerConnect With a Mentor Information Technology Systems SupervisorCommented:
Yes we did install it ourselves, we have POE switches and they power the cameras, so all we needed to do was run the cable to the camera and hook it in.  We are not a security company, I am just a Sys Admin for our company.  It has a range of options for recording.  You can set up schedules or all the time.  The way we have it is the camera buffers 30 seconds of video at all times to the main computer.  When motion is detected the 30 second buffer is appended.  Then when the motion stops it records for an additional 30 seconds.  It is nice to have the buffer there.

The company we used was, I believe that is GEOVisions main site for America.  I like it so far and the picture is pretty good.  I would suggest to see if you can get a hold of them and see that can set up a demo for you.
avcontrolConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is many variation how different system will do you recording, but it is not important, they all about the same.
Most important factors are:

- size+number of monitoring areas, this will be used estimate quality to be achieved worse demand, to decide what cameras to be used.
- lowest Lux possible, below 0.01 should be as a minimum, below 0.005 is the best.
- avoid using LED "night vision", unless you don't care about quality.
- resolution and FPS.

Most of manufacturing would not show those factor very easy, sometime you have to "dig for it". They would use "advertisement tricks"........

If those factors does not concerns you, then you probably don't need to care which brand to use.
Kent FichtnerConnect With a Mentor Information Technology Systems SupervisorCommented:
I am going to disagree with avcontrol.  With GeoVision they always had all the specs that we were looking for right on their site.  As for avoiding night vision, we have three of them and they work great.

Here are the cameras we are using.

hope that helps, take care.
CHI-LTDAuthor Commented:
going with the samsung i think
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