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Hello, I'm in need of assistance.  I have to 2 remote sites.  I have the sites set up to mirror each other, (almost identical as you will see) so in case of a disaster at one site we can pick up at the other site.  Our main site contains an SBS 2003 server with exchange which users at both sites connect to for email and our other site contains(which we purchased about a year) an SBS 2011 server with exchange 2010.

So here's the problem I'm having.  I was testing the SBS 2011 to see if I could get exchange working and I did but now the user accounts on the SBS 2011 that have email accounts on the SBS 2003 are not able to connect to the SBS 2003 anymore.  I think it has to do with SBS 2011 automatically creating mailboxes and directing the user accounts to its own exchange instead of using the one that is already set up in their Outlook.  How do I fix this?  

The two sites are connected by a cisco vpn and the servers only really communicate via DNS forwards.  Any thoughts?  Right now I am able to connect the clients via OWA to the SBS 2003 but this is not the preferred method.  I need help
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tourist08Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Well ladies and gents I have fixed the problem.  For some odd reason I decided to rerun the connect to internet wizard because I remembered that caused some problems before in our SBS 2003 server so I ran that and it was having problems finding the router. Input the IP's and let it run and it found the router and now Outlook works.  Have no idea why that would make Outlook work even though DNS, internet was working fine from all the workstations but o well lesson learned, another notch in the belt.
tourist08Author Commented:
Oh here's one weird thing also.  I figured hey why not just delete the email box on the 2010 exchange box.  Well some how that ended up deleting my user account, which was the only admin account active lol.  I was able to enable the administrator account and get back into the box though.
David AtkinTechnical DirectorCommented:

Sorry can you explain a little more about your existing setup.  You said that the Exchange at both sites are mirrored? What do you mean by this?

Is the Exchange actually 'linked' in any way or is it a case of both SBS's have seperate databases and just the users and mailboxes are duplicated?
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tourist08Author Commented:
Sorry about the confusion, I used mirrored to describe the physical parts not mirrored machines.

The machines or exchange are not linked at all to each other so they have separate databases.  To explain the user accounts.  The SBS 2003 is the main Exchange server so user accounts for the other site had to be made on it to make mailboxes and just in case they were at the building.  
So when I was testing the SBS 2011 exchange it has activated those mailboxes and has disconnected the users from the SBS 2003 server.
tourist08Author Commented:
also, the outlook client resolves the SBS 2003 exchange server name but just fails to connect.
Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
SBS isn't really designed to do this.

Are the two servers in the same WINDOWS domain?
If you want to mirror then you should dump SBS completely. Move to Exchange 2010 on both sides and then use a DAG to get the email between the two locations. They would be in the same domain, so the only other thing to do is replicate content, which is easy with DFS.

What you are doing now is simply not going to work in the way that you want.

tourist08Author Commented:
Ok for now I apologize for my verbage but I'm not mirroring anything and don't want to.

My problem is my clients on the sbs 2011 side are no longer connecting to the sbs 2003 after I tested the sbs 2011 to see if I could get it to work.  I did not mean to set up any mailboxes on the sbs 2011 for the current environment users but they were set up automatically when the users were created.  Does that make more sense?
tourist08Author Commented:
I got it to work before any answer was given.
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