Rebuild failed Exchange Mail Database


As a short opener; I was in the process of moving old mailboxes to a VHD drive on a NAS when the NAS failed. The move had not completed.  I have managed to get off from the NAS the backup mail pst's  but now I need to understand how to put Exchange right as I can't seem to run backups at the moment from Exchange - I think due to some sort of maintenance mode.  (OS is SBS 2011 - Exchange 2010)

So, currently, I have a Mail Database pointing to a volume that is no longer connected.  All I want to do is move the mailboxes (about 10) back to the original DB or another, I don't mind, so that I can stabilise Exchange.  Once working properly I will then move to a local partition rather than a VDH.

Can anyone provide a step by step to recover?  I was thinking of just deleting the  MDB but I don't want to make matters worse - it's been bad enough...!
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TMSConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thanks.  I'll try tonight.  The mailboxes are still marked as being moved.  I presume after deleting the mailboxes I should delete the Mail Database they were being moved to and which is now dismounted.
Will post an update tonight.
Malli BoppeCommented:
Do you have a backup of the database
TMSAuthor Commented:
The short answer is yes, in that I have a backup of the the Exchange database before I created a new Database and submitted the move request.  Thus, if I restore I will mess up the database with all the live Users in which I would rather avoid.  I haven't lost any data as I have pst archives of the mailboxes I moved.

I bought an Exchange Admin last night last night and it suggests using a cmd line to just move the db location, without putting in a DB move request via the EMC, and pointing to a new folder path.  I presume Exchange will then build a new store and the mailboxes will be empty which is fine as I can import the psts if needed.

I'm uncertain as to the relationship between the mailboxes and the db.  What would happen if I just put in a mailbox move to a mailbox that had a dismounted db?
Malli BoppeCommented:
Delete the mailboxes of the users that you are trying to delete.
Create emapty mailboxes for the user and import and mail from the PSTs that you have.
TMSAuthor Commented:
Thanks again. I deleted one mailbox and then it wouldn't let me do any more.  After a couple of hours it did so all were deleted then I deleted the mail db.  Only thing is that when I deleted the mailbox SBS2011 deleted the Whole User account.  I recreated mine but it has of course created a few linkage issues but the server seems fine and I successfully exported a mailbox to a pst from the backup software.  So all good, other than the new px2-300 I bought to replace the ix-200 that failed also failed to turn on.....!!!!!!  EMC said its a failed firmware issue so back to the shop for that..
Much appreciated.
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