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Poor performance with initial router configuration

This is an initial configuration.
Most of the client PC's are getting poor browsing. There is an initial burst of speed, and then no pages do not up up sometimes at all. Also, some applications like Teamviewer, Asterisk, and and Flash media Live encoder are not passing and receiving streams properly to their Internet servers. They get cut off every few minutes. All were working fine under the previous router.

I have included Net_toplogy.jpeg which has a lot of info.
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Also I will post my router configs.
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That sure sounds like an MTU problem.  Some DSL lines have issues with this.

If it IS NOT set for 1500, try making your MTU 1500.

If it IS set for 1500, then try 1400, 1370, etc.  You can look up good MTU settings for your provider, most likely.  If the MTU doesn't match, you get packet fragmentation, which causes the pages to do that tell-tale no loading.

Rarely, I've had to set MTU on the actual machines with DRTCP.
Are all the sub-nets disjoint and clearing not impeding in the wrong WAN/LAN side sub-net spaces that are assigned to others?

The main router is the RB1100hx2 I'm attached to the features it has. . The second one--I cannot remove the modem/router.
 I don't see how avoid chaining at least these two routers. This is probably a problem. The first and second router one are on the same subnet. I will try to correct that and see if it helps,
That sure sounds like an MTU problem.  Some DSL lines have issues with this.

I am on cable, but I will try your suggestion.
It can happen on cable, also.  Your description sounds very much like MTU issues I've addressed quite a few times before.  Hope that's it!
In the router, I have made a bridge that includes several ports and the WAN port. Do I need to change the MTU for that, too? Also, what about he L2 MTU?
As a general rule, they should all match, but, start with the router closest to your egress / ingress provider, change that ones MTU, and see if it fixes the problem.  
I'd test that before messing with your Layer 2 settings.
My ISP said they don't have a set value for MTU. They said just set it for auto.
I guess I will have to try it in increments, like you said.
They normally don't.  You are on the right path. ;)
It's fixed! Sorry, mugojava, it wasn't the MTU, at least not directly.  Wiping all router configs on both routers and adding one config at a time, following ajmehta's suggestion to keep subnets disjoint, did the trick. Thanks you both.