Ultra VNC on Windows 7 Professional X64

We've just started using UltraVNC here because it's compatible with Windows 7 X64. When I remote in using the Ultra VNC viewer I can navigate through the computer I'm remoting into but when I go to launch an application on it the computer stops responding to my actions. Any advice?
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jpgobertConnect With a Mentor Enterprise IT Systems ConsultantCommented:
It is.  I just downloaded the latest installer, ran it and took the attached screenshot to show you.

Hope this helps.

UltraVNC Setup - Install as Service Option
jpgobertEnterprise IT Systems ConsultantCommented:
Sounds like UAC... UltraVNC needs to be installed as a service on the workstation to prevent that from happening.
Helping_AlmacAuthor Commented:
Thanks jp - this should be an option during the install process right?
Helping_AlmacAuthor Commented:
This works perfectly thank you for your help.
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