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No broswer will download a file

Any attempted file download in any browser (ie, chrome, firefox) all indicate that it is a virus and deletes the download or refuses to download.
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Scott C
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You need to run a scan of your computer.

Install and run Malwarebyte's anti-malware program.

You'll need to download this with another computer and save it to a flash drive then install it from that.

Chances are you've been infected with malware.  

I would suggest a backup of data, wipe your HD and do a clean install then copy your data back.  It is the only way to make sure you are 100% clean.
Are you running AVG?  There was an issue with it that may be the culprit.

If you are running AVG and updated to AVG2012 look in the AVG folder (C:/Program Files/AVG) for a previous version.  Remove any previous folders such as AVG2010. You may need to do so while in safe mode.
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Thanks for the prompt replies.  First Mbar and Mbam have run on this unit and found nothing, and no version of AVG is on the unit.
I'd spend no more than an hour troubleshooting something like this.  Past experience has shown me that if I can't clean it up in an hour it's more time effective to do the wipe/rebuild.
...but you DO have an antivirus/antimalware program installed, and that's almost certainly the culprit.  Temporarily turning off your antivirus would probably allow you to download the file in question, but I think you might want to make sure the file is what you think it is.
I have heard that Norton had a similar issue as AVG.

Another fix that I have seen is to run Spybot. Unforunately the individual that claimed that solution was not sure what was found and deleted.
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This unit presently has no antivirus program installed...removed for troubleshooting this problem.
If there is no AV installed, then there is nothing that would pop-up any warning that a download contains a virus... except some piece of malware. What exactly pops up? Please post a screenshot. The exact image itself might show a clue.

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Steven Carnahan
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Thanks pony10us,

That solved the problem, Windows Defender was corrupted and replaced the folder with a known good from another machine.
Glad you got it working.  :)