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way to code for website or webpage to auto refresh without having to refresh? maybe htaccess

i am updating webpages daily and my clients have to hit refresh to see the changes.
is there a way to auto refresh each time something is changed so that

when a user opens up the page, even if visited earlier that day, that it will refresh
with out having to click on refresh?

i have htaccess in place, but that does not help it.
maybe i have the wrong htaccess code.

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While this one auto refresh on the page being changed, it will auto refresh the page every X seconds. See the second example at
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The only way to make sure the page is current to stop it from being cached.  But when you stop it from being cached, it slows down browsing because the browser has to go back to the server for everything.  And 'htaccess' won't help because the browser may check the 'If Not Changed' status but 'htaccess' has nothing to do with that.

Info about cache parameters here:
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thanks, but this will be annoying to the end user.

i may not have asked properly.

i have pictures and text, almost like a blog, on webpages that i change daily.
if a end user visited that page at 9:00am
i changed something at 10:00am
and they view it again at 11:00am, they will not see my changes unless they refresh the page

this deals with the browser cache of the webpage, i think it has something to do with the
Expiresby - timing in the htaccess code
i want it to show the updated info on the webpage just like blogs do, say in wordpress

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We understand very well what you are talking about because we are developers too and always have to deal with this.  Wordpress and other CMS's are not static pages in the first place, they are database driven.  Everytime you access a Wordpress site, it gets the content from the database and builds a new page.

I just was looking at my Wordpress blog to check the headers and when I went back to my home page, it didn't even make a request, just displayed it from cache.
In that case Ray_Paseur's comment should work. May also want to check into pragma no-cache
The other thing you can do is render the web page entirely with JavaScript.  The JS will use AJAX calls to your server-side scripts and replace DIVs in the HTML document.  Then, even if the web page document is cached, the AJAX calls will still run and the fresh content will arrive.
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