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Citrix - Slow Connection

I am experiencing extreme latency with Citrix when connected through my FIOS home internet.  Interestingly enough, when joining onto my neighbor’s network that uses Comcast as their ISP, this issue does not occur.  Published apps load immediately and there are no noticeable performance bottlenecks.  I collected a fiddler trace through FIOS which is attached below.  Please note that you will need to rename the file to .saz in order to open it for analysis.  I am using an ActionTec router which was provided by Verizon.  

Could this be an issue with my ISP or on my company’s side (ie the XML Broker, Appliance Gateway, etc)?  Verizon is pretty adamant that the issue does not lie on their end.
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Sekar Chinnakannu
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it seems to be a isp issue as you didnt face any issue with neighbor network. if possible please check with other team members from your team to check and confirm.
Are you on a similar plan?

Your plan may be different or your ISP is doing throttling of some traffic. In this case other types of traffic would also slow down.
Well a question. When you tried on your neighbour's network, have you tried with the same PC/laptop or you have tried with your neighbour's PC/laptop?

Before we can say it is your ISP issue, you need to test your equipment on your neighbour's network.

What is the version of Citrix Client do you have installed?
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I'm using a laptop so the harware is consistent.  It's definitely not a plan issue with FIOS as I have more the sufficient bandwith.  With regards to the version, I have 3.4 installed.
Also, I can confirm that other coworkers on Verizon can replicate this issue. I have attached an additional trace from a Comcast connection for comparison (again it will need to renamed to .saz)
Have you tried hard coding your DNS servers off of the FIOS dns servers and using google's or opendns' servers to test if their DNS servers are just slow?

Yeah I tried that but there was no change.  Verizon still refuses to believe it is their issue.
Have you ran any speed tests?

Are you plugged in or wireless?

If wireless, have you plugged in to see if there was any difference?

Sorry just some basic troubleshooting questions.

Yeah my download speed is about 86 mbps and just slighly slower when connected via WiFi.
I did some searching and from what I found it was suggested that the MTU be set to 1492 instead of 1500 for FIOS. May be worth a shot.
I tried setting it to 1492 as well as 1458 but no fact, it made it a little worse so I put it back to 1500.
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