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Best Long Distance Phone Plan?

I just got a lan based phone recently. I went with a cheap plan of 1 dollar a month, but 13 cents a minute with the phone company.

I imagine I can find a better plan.

I don't plan to use it very much, as I do use my cell phone for most things everyday. But I would still like to use it and not be rushed to get off at 13 cents a minute.

I was wondering if any of you have a decent plan you can share information about it with me? I live in the midwest if that helps.
3 Solutions
look for SIP prividers in areas you are calling to. some of them give free accounts with free dial-in with local numbers. some of them even have flat-rate for "local" (for them) calls or really low prices (like 0.04$/min). not to mention that usually internal SIP call (one that does not leave your provider) is free.

you definately might get rates as low as ones that skype has.
How many calls will you make per week?
13 cents sounds high but $2.60 gives you a 20 minute call.
Three of those 20 minute calls per week, would be about $34.00 for the month.
If the calls will be far less than 10 minutes then the $34 would get you far more calls than 3 per week. I pay Verizon and my phone bill after they add on all the universal charges and the rest is $46.00 for 450 day time minutes or over 10 cents a minute.
Pancake_EffectAuthor Commented:
Honestly I've been using my cell phone mostly, but if I had a chance to use a lan line at a reasonable rate, I would maybe send a couple hours AT MOST using the lan line. Typically I imagine I wouldn't spend more than a hour a week though.

The only reason I have a lan line is because our ISP requires you to have one...

So I figured I would make the best out of it. Because even if I disconnect the line they will charge you about 30 bux a month still because it's required.

Which is sad because I'm already paying $90 a month for 10mbps Internet, which is odd because they actually have fiber to each and every home in our small rural town ehh lol.

But yeh I just figured most people use the big name phone long distance providers, that might know what might be the best, because honestly I have no idea. I've always been a skype user myself.
Jared LukerCommented:
I'm going to assume that you mean land line and not lan line.

The obvious answer to me is pay them their dollar a month for the line and just don't use it.  Get yourself a VoIP phone provider that has unlimited everything.

I have been using ViaTalk for many years and have been happy with them.  They will send you a device that plugs into your internet connection and you can use the phones you already own with it.  You can plug your cordless phones into it and have complete mobility (around the house) with unlimited long distance (if you pick the unlimited plan).

There are lots of them out there.

www.vonage.com (more expensive)

are just a few.

If you are use to using skype, then you can get a skype subscription for inbound and outbound calls and just stick with that.  It is fairly inexpensive.

You have options, but I don't see using traditional long distance with a traditional phone company as being one of them.
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