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How to add / check in new files to Team Foundation Server (TFS) Project from Visual Studio 2010

Hi Experts,

I have a Project stored on Team Foundation Server (TFS).

I am working in Visual Studio 2010.

I have created a new Form (and added it to the local version of the Project file).
But I cannot figure out how to check in the related new files to TFS.

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Is your Visual Studio connected to TFS?
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Yes, my Visual Studio is connected to TFS.
If you right-click on your solution in the Solution Explorer (or right-click on one of the files you want to add/edit), you should have an option toward the bottom of the context menu entitled "Check In". Selecting that should bring up the "Pending Changes" window. Each item you check will be checked in when you click the "Check In" button. Be careful:  By default, everything that is open in your workspace, not your current solution, will be visible in the "Pending Changes" window. It is very easy to check in stuff from across solutions, which may or may not be what you want to do for any given check-in.
Here's what I see when I right-click my .vb file in Solution Explorer:

User generated image
No sign of "Check In".

I can see the Team Explorer window and it's Source Control Explorer window, so I am connected to TFS.
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Thanks,  kaufmed, that did the trick!