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Unwanted start menu application published

Hello there,

I have a Xenapp 6.5 farm using storefront 1.2 and Receiver Enterprise 3.4. The problem is that published applications and/or published desktops which have the "Add to client's start menu" option disabled still appear in the start menu of the user.

If I open the settings of the receiver in a users session and disable the option "show applications in start menu" the unwanted shortcuts in the start menu are gone. However, all users that log on for the first time (new profile) have this checkbox enabled. How to prevent this? And, isn't it strange that a user is able to override my start menu settings that are defined in appcenter?
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Ayman Bakr
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The essence of receiver 3.4 is to provide control for users on their desktops/start menu. This means that if a user accesses his apps from several devices, he can choose to have the apps show in the start menu from some of the devices and choose to hide them on others.

I am not sure about whether this is actually an issue or it is by design to serve the receiver/storefront concept which is evolving at a great level. It seems to me that the latter is the case.
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Hi Mutawadi,

Ok, but is it possible to disable the checkbox by default for new user/profiles? I don't want all the apps in the start menu. I just want to see those configured by me as the admin to appear in the Start Menu.
Have you checked the settings in Citrix Web Interface Management, right click the PNAgent site and go into 'Shortcuts', you can control what the Start Menu and Desktop shortcuts are configured to do in there.

I would recommend having the start menu items that you don't want applying to all users being allocated to a specific group so that they only apply to that group. I use a number of items which link to specific XenApp desktops and applications but they are only assigned to me so only appear on my desktop and start menu.
Regarding the installation, the only parameter I can find you can control related to Start Menu is the relative path within the Start menu with the parameter STARTMENUDIR. But, I didn't find anything for disabling it to users during installation!
Hi, the case is that all users work with a published desktop. Within the desktop session, the start menu is populated with published applications. The current problem is that the "desktop" is also published to the start menu. I don't want that, users should not be able to start a desktop session within a desktop session.

Normally when using web interface 5.4 the PNagent obeys my setting that the "desktop" published app is not visible in start menu, but in this configuration with storefront 1.2 with legacy PNagent support this option is not available. I can't configure it in that way that only applications where the checkbox "publish to start menu" in appcenter is checked.
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