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Winword problem

Dear EE,

My application is giving me attached error. While i have MS Office 2007 installed.

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Haresh Nikumbh
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Go ahead and install this Compatibility pack
The message reads:

"Could Not Connect to MSWord.

Make sure word runs properly on your machine
Restart system."

Does word run properly on your system?
What is the application that you are running?
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Dear Takecoffe,

Let me install it.

Dear GrahamSkan,

Yes the MS Office is installed on my machine. When i type WINWORD in the run prompt MS WORD runs successfully.
I have restarted the system same issue.

Does word run properly on your system?
Reply:- Yes the word is running properly on my system.

What is the application that you are running?
Reply:- My application is build in Powerbuilder and i have call MS Office in my application for stationary printing problem occurs when stationary calls MS WORD.
The message isn't particularly useful.

If the compatibility pack doesn't help, it may be necessary to post in the Powerbuilder zone.
Please confirm is it safe to apply this pack directly on production.
yes go ahead and install it, its just compatible pack (additional component for Office which are not available on the server)
ok let me try ...
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I am doing this. Txsolution79
Problem has been resolved after re install the Ms Office 2007