Call Manager


I am setting up a lab

I have a MCS 7800 server running Windows Server 2000, I installed Call Manager 4.2.3

I have that hooked up to a linksys unmanged switch, with a 1760 router.

I have DHCP set up on the server

The phone is a 7940

I have activated all the the services and components on the server and the CM

The TFTP server is the CM server

I can ping the router and the phone from the server, the phone is getting an IP from the server.

However, when the phone boots, it stays at registering, it does not appear to attempt a phone load.

Not sure how to troubleshoot at this point

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks alot
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Did you configure option 150 on the DHCP server?
jac1991Author Commented:
Thanks alot.

I set up the scope options, almost there, the phone is stuck on configuring vlan

I am plugged into an unmanaged linksys switch, will this switch work ?
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Yes it should.

Was the phone previously configured? You may need to remove some of the old settings. Check the network settings and make sure the voice and administrative vLans are set to 1.
jac1991Author Commented:
I got it to come up, last question, how do I load a SIP config ?

 was not able to download a SIP config from

Thanks alot
4.2 is pretty old, so before you put a SIP load on that phone, I'd make sure it'll work with your Call Manager, if that's what you are intending to use it with still..
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