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Graphic file thumbnails

I have a client who's icons won't always display properly.  No matter what size he makes them (large, tile, etc.) some of them display the icon for whatever program he sets as his default editor (orange flower for example).  I have disabled custom icons and re-enabled.  I have also deleted the thumbs.db file from some folders with no change.

If he opens a file it is fine, and some icons do display properly- but every folder he navigates to has about %50 of the icons not working.

This happens with files both local and from the server.  Anyone else who looks at them gets the previews just fine.
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"...Anyone else who looks at them gets the previews just fine..." means:
a. Another user from another client looks at network shared folders with files, or
b. Another user from SAME client looks at network (or local) folders with files?
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Another account on a different PC.
I could have the person with the issue log in as themself on one of the other computers but I doubt it's an issue with login.
Make the user login on another client might not give any help. It would be much better if you could login with another user on the same client and see what happens. What I want to achieve is: is it a user or a client/machine issue?
The test I'm asking should answer my question.
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I am instructing the client to try both suggestions- results to come...
Feel free to ask for further help if needed. Any feedback is welcome. Thank you.
Still waiting to hear back from client- he had some difficulty with switching over to the admin account.  I may have to remote in and help him out.  Will report as soon as I have further information.
Any news?
There was a complication in getting switched over to another user as the workstation in question is (as mentioned) Windows 7 but thier "domain controller" is an antique Nitix box.  You can, with a Reghack, join an XP box to a Nitix hosted domain, but not 7.

In any case- I walked him through creating a new local admin but he had some trouble from there and we decided to wait until I visit them next or he has time for me to remote in.  I'm waiting to hear back on that.

Keeping the question open until further development.
Finally was allowed access to the machine.  Created new local admin and logged in as such.  Didn't bother with the overwrite- just renamed the old IconCache.db file and logged back in as the normal user- problem solved.  Thanks for the help and the patience.