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Jascript issue: Need help replacing spaces with %20 in get parameters

I'm having a very difficult time getting my javascript function to preserve (or convert) spaces when concatenating query string parameters for a search form:

Here is the form:

And here is a link to the JS file:

The problem that I'm having is that spaces are NOT being preserved when choosing a City from the select dropdown that's labeled "Search Any South Florida City".  For whatever reason, . the spaces are being completely stripped out.  

So when you choose - say - "Fort Lauderdale" from the dropdown, .. it results in the following incorrect query string parameter:


... when it should be either "&Cities=Fort Lauderdale" or "&Cities=Fort%20Lauderdale"

I've tried using encodeURI(), .. encodeURIComponent(), and replace() javascript functions .. but none of them are working.  Seriously .. I've been tinkering with these functions for nearly 2 hours already, and I can't for the life of my figure out what's going on.

What do I need to do/change in my javascript to ensure that the spaces in the selected City Names are preserves with assembling the query string parameters?

- Yvan
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Michel Plungjan
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+ queryString
+ encodeURIComponent(queryString)

FinalUrl = "/" + this.URL_Root + "&PerformSearch" + encodeURIComponent(queryString);                  

Also no need to navigate:

  window.location = FinalUrl;                  

can replace

if(typeof window.navigate != "undefined"){            
} else {            
  location.href = FinalUrl;                  
OOps. I re-read your code.

you need to change all

xxx.value to


(city == null || city.value == "" ? "" : "&Cities=" +  encodeURIComponent(city.value)  ) +
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I've tried all of these suggestions already, and none of them are working for me.
Try it for yourself and you will see.

- yg
in 30 minutes
Before I test try

FinalUrl = "/" + this.URL_Root + "&PerformSearch" + queryString.replace(/ /g,"%20");
Nope .. that didn't work.

I left your code modification in place so you can test it for yourself:

- yg
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Michel Plungjan
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See the redirect:

User generated image
What makes you think that the server configuration is the culprit?  I ask because I am able to manually add in the spaces in the url after generating a search result, and no redirection occurs:

Did I mention that this is a Wordpress based site?  Would that have anything to do with it, perhaps?

 - yg
Possibly. Perhaps there is some process that strips out spaces,
It is 100% surely something on the server because the spaced URL gets a 301 so a hard redirect