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VBA copy from Excel to Notepad

Need some code to copy a range of cells from Excel,open up notepad and paste into it.
Anyway to have notepad save to a given csv file and save into a given folder using VBA?
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It's all possible, but it's not necessarily clean. Why don't you save the csv directly without going through notepad?

Yes, I would suggest using VBA to simply create a new worksheet, paste the desired data into that sheet, then Save-As the sheet using CSV into the desired folder.
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I would like to at least no how to open up notepad and to paste into it using VBA just to have the know how. There is some issues I am having otherwise when using double quotes in fields .
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If you want to learn how to open Notepad from Excel, paste data and save the resulting file, take a look at the code in this Mr. Excel thread:
A simple way to get started is this, but it won't save the file:

Sub CopyToNotepad()
    Shell "Notepad", vbNormalFocus
    AppActivate "Untitled - Notepad"
    SendKeys "123"
End Sub

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I got it to work using your above routine as a guide. I removed some of the lines though and added  TRUE at end of sendkeys command in order to get it to work.

Sub CopyToNotepad()
    Range(Selection, Selection.End(xlDown)).Select

    Shell "Notepad C:\Users\mw1\my Documents\abc.csv", vbNormalFocus

    SendKeys "^a", True
    SendKeys "{ENTER}", True
SendKeys ("^{HOME}"), True
SendKeys "^v", True
End Sub
Good Job
Glad it got you in the right direction.  Seems that you learned a few new things along the way too.