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PH and GH out of sync

I have a main report with two sub reports in it. Each sub report shows the detail of the person in the roll up. The problem is it seems the GH and PH in the main report are out of sync. I have tried multiple attempts to add page after GHs (which is where the sub reports are located) to no avail. The PH always seems to be a page behind the GH in the main report.

Any ideas on how to correct this ?

if more detail is needed let me know.
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Mike McCracken

What do you mean they are out of sync?

Why a subreport in the page header?
You can print the group header on every page.

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MLMCC I apologize the sub reports is NOT in the page header it is in the GROUP header.

so lets say page 1 has scott's information and it goes on for 5 pages. His name is atop of all 5 pages. His name carries over onto the PH of carl's report which starts on page 6, where it really should show carl's name page 6.
Have you tried putting a NEW PAGE AFTER on the group footer?

I did try that, I figured a way around it. I buried the PH inside the sub report rather than having it in the main report. This was not previously an option because the hierarchy was not inside and outside the report.
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Interesting solution considering subreports don't have page headers

figured out issue myself.