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I am trying to figure out what is the passcode for one of the existing wireless access setup on the network, previous admin hasnt handed over this to me. I need to trace the password otherwise reset it.
I have 2 broadband connections in the bridge mode , The router logs onto the ADSL and then this is fed into the firewall.
On the Router admin panel I cannot see if I can setup the wireless network. Please can someone advise how can I go about doing this ?
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Fred MarshallPrincipalCommented:
As far as the traffic goes, that's likely the case .. but I'm a bit reluctant to make an assertion of fact not knowing a bit more - as it may be misleading.

It doesn't appear that your original question was so much about routing but more about controlling the wireless devices.  I guess I'm not clear even on that objective.  Can you illuminate further please?

Given the available information and knowledge, I would not be going around "configuring" anything that isn't clearly broken.

Finding the wireless access points depends a lot on the technology.
If you can find them physically then that's a good thing.

Probably the best next thing to do is scan the entire network.  Opmanage Engine is pretty good for this purpose.

If you start out with this, it will do more things than the eventual free version you'll end up with.  In particular, it may well identify which devices are which .. or at least which type.
This is probably your quickest way forward at this point.
The idea is you'll be able to figure out, or nearly figure out, which IP addresses belong to which devices.

Then, if it's still not entirely clear, you might look for usage patterns in the address assignments (if there are static assignments) that the network admin used for various classes of device.  That might give some insight.

Once you have an idea of addresses that are likely, you can use a browser to access those addresses.  The type of login that's presented may be informative - even if you don't know the login details.
since you are the new admin, i recomend you to change the password

Just  log to your router and make the necessary changes

What model are you using ?
newbie27Author Commented:

Thanks for your input, I cannot see any option to setup a wireless network on the router/firewall

I am just an acting admin at the moment, I have all the access to the routhers, ADSLs etc but just unable to figure on which device I would do this setup?

looks to me that both the broadband connections is going via this router/firewall ...
Fred MarshallPrincipalCommented:
You probably don't see a wireless configuration section because the device doesn't have a wireless capability.  The wireless access points are very likely separate devices that you would access at another address.
newbie27Author Commented:
I would have imagined that all the traffic will get directed from the router/firewall whether its internet or wireless?
Because both the broadband connections are getting routed via this routher I thought the same can be done on this device.
Yes, you must be right. The wireless has to be configured on the boxes which are obviously on the different adress.
I can see an 02 box and BT ADSL routers but not sure how can I go about configuring them?
How would find I the devices on the network? I mean the IP address?
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