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Setup a wireless network

Hello Experts
I am trying to figure out what is the passcode for one of the existing wireless access setup on the network, previous admin hasnt handed over this to me. I need to trace the password otherwise reset it.
I have 2 broadband connections in the bridge mode , The router logs onto the ADSL and then this is fed into the firewall.
On the Router admin panel I cannot see if I can setup the wireless network. Please can someone advise how can I go about doing this ?
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since you are the new admin, i recomend you to change the password

Just  log to your router and make the necessary changes

What model are you using ?
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Thanks for your input, I cannot see any option to setup a wireless network on the router/firewall

I am just an acting admin at the moment, I have all the access to the routhers, ADSLs etc but just unable to figure on which device I would do this setup?

looks to me that both the broadband connections is going via this router/firewall ...
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You probably don't see a wireless configuration section because the device doesn't have a wireless capability.  The wireless access points are very likely separate devices that you would access at another address.
I would have imagined that all the traffic will get directed from the router/firewall whether its internet or wireless?
Because both the broadband connections are getting routed via this routher I thought the same can be done on this device.
Yes, you must be right. The wireless has to be configured on the boxes which are obviously on the different adress.
I can see an 02 box and BT ADSL routers but not sure how can I go about configuring them?
How would find I the devices on the network? I mean the IP address?
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