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finding file in powershell

I'm pretty new to powershell,

How would i use powershell to find a file and get the path. And also is it possible to use the path in a variable?

for example. I want to search for a file on my computer called  mytestfile.exe
and get the path of its location. And put that location into a variable.

I was trying to use get-childitme -recurse -include,  but i'm not sure if i am using it correctly

I seem to be able to get the  directory but how would i put the path into a variable

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Great thanks that worked, how would you do it differently if it was more then one file.
that depends on what you intend to do with your results:
This will deplay the results on the screen:

$files = get-childitem c:\ -recurse | ? {$ -eq "mytestfile.exe"}

write-host there are $files.count matching that name

foreach ($file in $files){
$directory = $
$fulldirectorypath = $
$fullfilepath = $file.fullname
write-host $
write-host the directory path is $fulldirectorypath
Thank you, you been very help full.
you are welcome