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Problem Activating Office 2013 Trial

We are having issues when trying to use the Office 2013 Trial. It won't activate
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Are you trying on-line activation ? what's the error message ?
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Yes...just won't activate
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When you install the trial from TechNet, you don't have to log into our account.

When you install the trial from, you don't have to put in the product key, actually there is no product key. But when prompt to log into your account, make sure to log on with the account that you sign up for the trial from
If you just need Word, Excel and Power Point at home:

But they are  cut-down version's.
Still not sure how to download and use Product for 30 Days
Nothing we have tried seems to work. I called Microsoft and they told me only Trial for Office 2013 is Office that correct? Makes no sense...

We simply want a 30 day trial of 2013 for our clients to evaluate vs staying with 2007 or 2010