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DMV SQL Server

I came across a term DMV (Dynamic Management Views) in SQL Server 2005.
Not sure what this is or how it is used.  Is this same as a Dynamic View?
Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
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Dynamic management views and functions return internal, implementation-specific state data. Their schemas and the data they return may change in future releases of SQL Server. Therefore, dynamic management views and functions in future releases may not be compatible with the dynamic management views and functions in this release. For example, in future releases of SQL Server, Microsoft may augment the definition of any dynamic management view by adding columns to the end of the column list.
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I think I was confusing this with Dynamic Views.  That is what I am looking for information on.  What is a Dynamic View and how/when can this be used in T-SQL.  Thanks.
I see this question has an attention mark because I added this to the automotive section by accident.  How can I remove it from this group?