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I have been trying to start learning a mobile development language and there is a 1 to 1 debate on whether Actionscript 3.0 is the best language to program 2D games and applications or it is not.

Some say Since it works on both (iPhone and Android) platforms it is the best way to go.
And some say Actionscript might not have good future and might be stopped using.
What do you expert think?
Is Actionscript the best option to go for developing mobile 2D games and Apps? Please advice. And if it is the best option then is there certification for it so I can make myself more valuable in the job market?

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The major benefit of Actionscript (in my opinion) is that it is cross-platform.

So, with a little careful planning, you can not only deploy your application on iOS and Android, but also on the web, and with some help from an application called Zinc (www.multidmedia.com) as a Windows, Mac and even Linux application.

Also, because Flash has been so ubiquitous for so many years, you will find that there are many many resources to help you learn Actionscript - books, websites and video learning series (Lynda.com as an example).

As to whether Flash and Actionscript will 'last'... Nothing lasts :-) Change is inevitable, and whatever you learn it will eventually be replaced with something else. But do you know what you'll gain in the meantime? Experience in programming. And that experience will transfer to whatever replaces Flash - the techniques of programming are universal - all that really changes is the syntax of the language you happen to be using at that point.
I can tell you from experience, certifications mean very little when looking for a real job. The first thing any potential employer is going to want is to see what you can do and what do you know. They want examples. Certifications will simply show that you have the ability to earn a certification, but can you do what the employer is looking for and that is develop something. So unless you have a lot of extra time, I wouldn't put much stock in certs. That time would be much better spent learning and actually doing so you can go to an employer and say "look what I did" rather than "look at this nice cert. I earned".

Good Luck,

BTW, Actionscript is a great language to learn, but it is on its way out along with Flash (and Facebook, and many others). So learn an Object orientd language (of which ActionScript is one), but learn something that has some longevity, so that 1) you may be able to use it for a while and 2) you will have leaned an OO language and can easily pick up another one.

If you have the potential, Java is your best bet right now. There are so many Java jobs, they can't fill them fast enough. But Java is tough and takes a lot of time. The others I would look at are C#, C++, .NET, and several others. ActionScript wouldn't be terrible, but don't count on getting a job with it unless you either work for yourself, or find a very small niche, where someone is willing to pay you to use it.

Look at Monster, Dice, and others to see how many jobs there are for ActionScript programmers. Then do the same for Java programmers.
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