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Windows Service Alert

i want to know how i can configure the alert mail service on any service on the windows server 2008 R2 , i need to get an email if the certain application service is down .
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My recommendation would be to use a power shell script (such as this one: to monitor whether the services you need are running. You can have the script to run regularly as a Windows scheduled task and automatically send you an e-mail if the service is not running.

There is also an open source tool called polymon that will do this:
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how i can do this in details please
There's a specific monitor for monitoring Windows services available here:

To fully understand how the tool works, I do recommend taking a look at the documentation to configure it for your environment.
thanks but didn't found any option to configure to send an email if the service is down
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thanks , the main service i need to monitor it is ( blackberry Enterprise Service) on our BlackBerry server as below:
BAS-AS  (BlackBerry Administration Service - Application Server)
BlackBerry Controller
many thanks for u help

Glad that my answer helped :)

BAS-AS  Events - 4100/4096/4097/4098

BlackBerry Controller Events - 10000/20000/20406 (Search by event Source)