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SharePoint 2007 Look up list

Hi experts!

I have a list of category names...

Cat1 (ID = 5)
Cat2 (ID = 6)
Cat3 (ID = 7)

I created a second list that has a field called Category which is a lookup from the above list. After i created the lookup... this field for example

Cat1 has a automatic hyperlink linked to the dispform.aspx?ID=5

I do not wish to link it to dispform.aspx?ID=5... I wish to link it to cat1.aspx, which is a hyperlink in another column named 'hyperlink'

How do I do this?
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Ingeborg Hawighorst (Microsoft MVP / EE MVE)
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A lookup field in the list view web part will by default link back to the list item of the lookup list.

If you don't want the out of the box presentation in the list view web part, you  will need to convert it to a Data View Web Part, where you can customize what the column's link target is.

It's a bit hard to tell what you want to achieve without more context.

cheers, teylyn
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Can it lookup to the list 'Category' and show the hyperlink column.

This doesn't appear to be selectable in the lookup field choices

the list view web part will link to the item in the lookup list. That is the default out-of-the-box behaviour.

If you want to show something different instead, you will need to replace the list view web part with a Data View Web Part, which you can configure to your needs.
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Manoj Patel
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Thanks - is there a multi-hyperlink field?
no, but you can use Multiple Rich Textbox field.
Ok, basically I need it such that when that item is selected

it will show a column 'hyperlink' that will contain multiple hyperlinks.
Any one can assist?
Have you tried a DVWP as I suggested above? Did you run into any issues? If you don't respond to suggestions, it's really, really hard to help.
@teylyn thanks i created the DVWP, what do i do next?
Edit the DVWP in SharePoint Designer and add the column with the link to it.

This is just one short sentence, but it required a bit of a learning curve with regards to the structure of a DVWP and how it all works. As I said before, it's a little hard to help without more information.

- What is the name of the hyperlink column?
- Which columns did you include in the DVWP?
- Post the code of the DVWP for inspection
- Provide more information about the columns you want to show and how you want them to display.
Ok, thanks will try this weekend and post the code here.