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Problem bringing a user back from the dead


I have a user that left the company.  The user's account was deleted and the mailbox was left disconnected.  However, we need to reconnect this mailbox to the user.  So, I did the following:

1) Recreated the user's account with the same name
2) Connected the mailbox to the newly created account
3) Logged into the new account and attempted to setup Outlook 2010. I went through the normal setup of a mailbox and at the very end of the process got the following message: "Cannot open your default e-mail folders. Microsoft Exchange is not available. Either there are network problems or the Exchange server is down for maintenance."

Here are the things that I know for sure:

1) The Exchange server is running just fine at 100%
2) I can log into the newly created account
3) I have given the user full rights to the mailbox
4) I have given the user full send as permisions
5) I tried opening the mailbox using my account, and was also unsuccessful

I am fairly convinced that this is a permisions issue somewhere, but for the life of me I cannot seem to get this box to open up.
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can you log into the mailbox via OWA?
some times the old email address is still in-use somewhere in exchange information that is stored in active directory.

Are you sure that the same email address is assigned to new user ? what do you see as the Primary email address for this new user ?

Can you login to OWA with the same account ?

Did you update address book ?
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No.  When I try I will get a message saying "User has been disabled".

I checked AD and the user is not disabled.  I also checked Exchange manager and I have an option to disable.  Therefore I am to assume that the box is currently enabled.
is the mailbox server(s) running Server 2008 R2?
what is the primary email address assigned to this account ? check within exchange EMS,
The address assigned is:

It is an SMTP address, and the only address for SMTP.  There is an X400 address as well, but also is in line with all of the other working users.
The server is running Win 2k8 r2 Datacenter version and Exchange 2010.
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