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Sql server pivot table summing wrong.

good afternoon, I am having some trouble creating a pivot table.

USE [nominals]
set dateformat ymd
select * from
 select distinct account_title, (tran_amount + vat_amount) as total,project_code from nominalsview
  where managerid = 1052 and tran_date between '2013-04-01' and '2014-03-31'
 ) x
 for project_code in (CORP1, EMP01, FAC01, FAM01, FIN01, FIR01, MAR01, MAT01, MUN01, 
 PLA01, PRIV1, PRO01, PRO02, REC01, REP01, RES01, ADMIN, CON01, COR01, HR001, IT001,
  LIT01, MIS01, PI001, PRF01, PRL01, PROP1, SSD01, TAX01, TRA01, TRU01)
 ) p;

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the table appears to be fine but the summed totals are not correct, its as if some rows aren't being added to the equation. am I missing something really obvious here?
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Sharath S
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Can you post sample data from your table
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not really its sensitive info. the columns in the sum function are decimals if that helps. and its obvious that its a case of some rows just not being included in the sum but these rows don't stand out for any reason.
not really its sensitive info.
Nobody is asking you to post the real data.  The keyword here is "sample" data.
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Scott Pletcher
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Scott your a legend, tidy up the view a bit and removed the distinct from the pivot procedure and its all working well now. Cheers fellah.
Thanks ... it's nice to be a "B"-level legend!
sorry Scott i though i had it on A can it be edited?
LOL, np, you'd have to have it re-opened and then re-close it, not worth the hassle :-)
sorry mate.