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Unable to Connect to Local Network on SLES11

We bought a Fujitsu server preinstalled with SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 a few months back and we are now trying to connect it to our local network. The server is connected to our local network by a Cisco Small Business switch. The server has been set to have a static IP of We have tried to ping the server from our desktop computers on the network and the ping request always times out. If we try to ping our computers from the server the same thing happens. As of right now the the only IP that will respond to a ping request from the server is which is our DNS server. Why might this be happening and how would we go about fixing this so that we can get the server on our network?

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Is there anything on the network managing the DHCP role? Have you tried putting a static address on the test workstation as well?
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Are the servers and clients in the same subnet?
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There is a domain server managing the DHCP role. All IPs and above are handled by DHCP while all others below are static. All servers and clients are in the same subnet
Does the suse server use the correct netmask? If not, it may try to send the icmp echo reply/request messages to it's gateway.

Also, what kind of clients are you using? Windows, unix/linux, mac? Windows machines usually don't answer to icmp echo requests (ping) and need to have that enabled in their firewall settings. That wouldn't explain why a ping from client to server is not working though.
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We are using the netmask and have even tried using but there was no change.

We are using Windows clients, but we are even unable to ping other servers on our network running Windows Server 2008 from the SuSE Linux server.
Was it a brand new Cisco switch, or an existing one? And is ping (icmp) the only issue you are having?
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The Cisco switch has been in place since before we bought the server. Outside of trying to ping the server, it is unable to connect to the internet as well even though our broadband gateway is also on the network. We have tried pinging the gateway and the requests will time out.
from the server, can you ping the switch? Do you have access to it? It sounds like the interface that server is on may be on a different vlan
Presuming that you can ping Windows clients (and servers) from each other without a problem. Is that correct?

Is there any possibility that there is a software firewall of some kind running on the SUSE box?
If you connect another device (one of which you know it can connect to the internet) to the switchport the suse server is on, does that other device still work?
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I have tried pinging the switch IP, I was able to find it thankfully, but the SuSE server still times out. It doesn't make sense though how the Linux server would be able to ping, our DNS server, if it was on a separate vlan. is the only IP that the SuSE server can ping without timing out.

We are able to ping between other servers and clients without any issues, just not the SuSE server. I made sure to disable the firewall used by the SuSE server but it had no effect.

I connected a laptop to the switchport the SuSE server was on and was able to get internet access and access to the local network.
If you have the suse server ping a client machine while you're running a sniffer trace on that client (you may want to disable the firewall of the client), do you see the icmp echo request packets coming into the client machine?
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Even though the other solutions listed helped us leading up to finding our answer, they did not actually solve the problem that was at hand.