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I have been looking for a camera that will connect to a PC that will take quality photos for Passports, ID cards.  It needs to snap the photo from PC and import to the PC with a quality image, 1:1 ratio.  I do not want to spend $1000 for this,  the Canon Rebel can do this but again I don't want to spend that much just to get a quality  1:1 photo to a PC.  It cannot use Batteries.

Any recommendation on a camera that can work for this?
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Here are the state department requirements for a passport photo:

In short, the image should be a 600x600pixels image that is 2"x2" (or a 300 DPI image) on photo paper.

At 8MP with auto-focus and USB power, this should meet your needs:

Once you capture your image you'll need to crop to 600x600 (this will take some tweaking to set the camera to person distance).
What is your definition of "quality" ?
Is it the resolution, the light sensitivity, the speed of the lens or perhaps the resolution?
Are you referring 1:1 ratio as in horizontal/vertical pixels ?
What format do you want the pics.  to be exported in ?

Take a look at Fuji IP10 Digital Passport Camera (w/ Printer) ~ US $700
Well personally I just used my Panasonic  camera with a flash,
Lighting is very important. You can't take a photo with a standard camera 1x1 ratio that would be done on the PC.
Then upload to my PC via usb then I use my Cannon printer software Easy Photo editor to make the passport thumbnail to print out.
Print that out onto glossy paper, so you need glossy print paper and take that to get a signature on the back by a justice of the peace or solicitor.
Printing Photo edititor
Thumbnail print preferencesIf you want to edit cut this photo to a set size or just have the person
 you can use windows snipping tool to cut out the person from the photo
bring up your photo and then open the snipping tool  the whole page will go grey, then drag the curser around the area of the photo you want to use capture that area will go clear, release the mouse and save that then print it out using the print settings for a small thumbnail
just as an example
Drag curser around the areaWhat printer do you have and the utilities that came with it
What if any photo editing tools do you have?
There is also Microsoft Office Picture Manager
Your thoughts?
nrsolutionAuthor Commented:
I need a camera that will connect to a PC and take pictures from the software on the PC.  Also, set to default on the camera  3x3 size pictures.
Any digital point and shoot camera will do, most cameras connect to a PC either via USB or through a sim card.
I'm not sure about your comment here>and take pictures from the software on the PC<< do you mean take a photo using the digital camera of the desktop screen?
Capture the desktop is simple use the snipping tool or  add your photo editor
If you have a laptop it may have an inbuilt web cam that can take a headshot

I think this guide may help you better
then you can see the steps involved this will then help point you in the right direction.
How to take Better Quality Passport Photos with a Digital Point & Shoot Camera
How to make your own passport photos at home, from passport photo size to printing
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