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Outlook 2010 performance issue

Hi there,
One of the users is having intermittent Outlook performance issue, the Outlook takes a long time to populate recipients in To: , Cc: fields when composing new email (contacts from either Global address book or Personal Contacts). Sometimes, it takes long time to open emails, and attachments.

Other users are not experiencing the same issue. We are unable to re-produce the problem but it occurs quite a few times through out the day.

Software used:
Outlook 2010 professional  32-bit installed on Windows 7 professional – 64bit
Exchange 2003, SP2

Troubleshooting steps taken so far as follows:
•      Replaced computer
•      Switched the computer network connection to a different network port on the switch
•      No issues reported on the Exchange server, or anything related to this user mailbox
•      No other 3rd party add-in installed in Outlook other than eDOCS Document management software which all users have installed

I really appreciate any help in resolving this issue.
Thank you!
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Hi, Can you disable the EDOCS plugin for a day to test?
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We could but all other users have the same Outlook setup are not experiencing this issue. The user started to report this problem about 2 weeks ago but there is no change in the IT infrastructure other than the regular Microsoft updates automatically on workstations.
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No error in the event log. The computer was replaced with a different machine and a clean known working image with all the latest updates.
Do you use roaming profiles. It could be a problem in the profile.
If you use roaming profiles. Delete the profile on de server and the workstation.

What if you login to the workstation with another user ?
We are not using roaming profile, the Outlook is not using cache mode either. Outlook is online mode with the Exchange (always stay connected).

I don't think there is any issues with the workstation, this was just replaced and having the same issue. I can login as another user but I didn't use it long enough to see if the same problem occurs with the other outlook profile as well. The problem is that I am not able to replicate this problem but have witnessed it few times where the curser would continue to circle for 10, 20, 30 seconds before responding in Outlook.
if it is not the workstation it must be a user setting or netwerk problem.
I dont think it is netwerk probleme because the specific problem

When  you have replaced the computer. did you copy the profile?
It sound like an problem with the autocomplete.
I should clear this.

Thanks, the Outlook cache is turned off to avoid adding the contacts under the suggested contact listed. The user would click on the To: or Cc: button in the message, and choose the recipients names from either Global address book or personal Contacts to add them to the email. This is where we've noticed slowness when it happens. The other times the Outlook performance is slow when opening messages and attachments within email.
I do see you have tried this on a new machine with the latest Updates
However, can you ensure that Office 2010 SP1 is installed

There are some known performance issues that were resovled in the SP

Can you also have a look and see if there are any mapped drives that may be broken or disconnected

Also any shortcuts in the users documents that may be bad

And have  a look at any network or mapped printers that may not be connected and working

If you see any of the above remove them and test

If no luck with the above

Can you close outlook
Re-open using
start>Run>Outlook.exe /safe

Tell me if its okay here

If it is, we can look in the registry and see if we can find the cause of the issue
Thanks, I will test it out and let you know soon.
- I confirmed the computer has Office 2010, SP1 installed
- no broken mapped drive or shortcuts
- Has only one local printer installed
- I haven't tried running Outlook in safe mode yet, any other suggestions?
You could try removing the local printer and testing
Have heard these can affect outlooks performance

Othewise start testing outlook in safe mode and see how you get on
Just another thought here?

This user isnt using a shared accout are they?

Does this user have any additional email accounts added to their mailbox?
This particular user's Outlook Calendar and Contacts are being shared so that is assistance can access and update them if required. But this user only has one mailbox added in his Outlook.
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Thanks everyone for your help on this issue, the problem has been resolved after replacing the computer the second time. The second computer was configured with a fresh installation of Windows 7, Office 2010 and user profiles.
Thanks BeerTime

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