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Blackberry stop working using besx running sbs 2003


Our blackberrys stop working a few days ago and cant seem to resolved the issue. please can anybody help in resolving the issue.

We are running

sbs 2003 server running besx  ( on same server)
5 blackberrys bold 9800
mapi32.dll version 6.5.7654.12
cdo.dll version 6.5.7654.12
exchange running fine
bes admin console works but says last contact with device few days ago
blackberry saying not connected to bes

i have tried

rebooted server
all bes services running

please can anybody help in troubleshooting the issue

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Simon Butler (Sembee)
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I would start with the device.
Ensure that data is working correctly. That you can browse web sites.
Get the service provider to send the service books back to the device.

Have you rebooted the device? Checked the device is on the latest OS?

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I have encountered issues over the years where our Blackberry servers would periodically hang.  What I have found is that at times you may need to restart the Blackberry Services on the server, however you need to do it in a specific order, which is as follows:

Stop the following services in the following order:

1. BlackBerry Router.
2. BlackBerry Dispatcher.
3. BlackBerry Controller.
4. All remaining BlackBerry services.

Then Start the following services in the following order:

1. Blackberry Dispatcher
2. Blackberry Router
3. Blackberry Controller
4. Blackberry Alert
5. Blackberry Attachment Service
6. Blackberry Mobile Data Service
7. Blackberry Policy Service
8. Blackberry Synchronization Service
9. Any other remaining Black Berry Services

- I have found that if the proper shutdown or start up order is NOT followed, at times you will have one or more services which are unable to start.

If this happens - start over and ensure that you stop the services in the proper order, then bring them back up again.
I recommend re-install BES, it should find all the defaults and fix any issues.

If this doesn't work uninstall BES restart the server and restart.


HI Guys , thanks for your quick response....

Simon - We have rebooted there devices but I can't see it being a device issue as all 5 blackberrys stopped working at the same time and there are on different providers.

Is there nothing i can check on the server?

blongacre- I have done that and nothing changed

Works2011- This seems a bit drastic at this stage --- Any other ideas
Drastic, it takes less than 5 minutes to run the installation and 15 to uninstall and reinstall.

It's not uncommon, have you ever uninstall / reinstall MS Office when you couldn't find a bug and it worked after, same approach.

If you feel it's drastic verify all users have the data in Outlook as a backup and you have nothing to worry about...and, what do you have to lose it's not working the way it is now.
You could install SP 4 for BES Express (BES Express 5.0.4). That would pretty much reinstall the bulk of the product and bring you up to the latest version.

I agree with Sembee2, good observation.
Hi Guys

I have upgraded to 5.0.4 and the upgrade completed with no problems but i cant log into the admins console,

it will load the log in screen but once logged in, i get the error below

HTTP Status 500 -


type Exception report


description The server encountered an internal error () that prevented it from fulfilling this request.



note The full stack trace of the root cause is available in the JBossWeb/2.0.0.GA_CP logs.


Blackberry still not working and still cant access the admin console.....

any ideas
Did you upgrade the JAVA on the server at all? It will nag you to do so, therefore it is easily done.

How much RAM is the BAS-AS service using?

don't recall updating the Java , currently on v 6 update 31 Build 1.6.0_31-b05

BAS-AS currently on 600mb
That is the correct build for that version of BES Express.
Odd that a reinstall didn't work.

Check the registry keys are correct for JAVA as per this KB article:

yes pointing to correct path

is it worth removing and re installing bes express.

if so , do i just remove via add/remove programs and reboot and then reinstall using same file as upgrade
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Simon Butler (Sembee)
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