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brian ramos

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how to remove text from an image

I have a image header on my blog and I want to change the text on it to something else.

How do I do this and can it been done easily without having to spend money???

I am using a mac
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Why don't you post a link to it so we know exactly what you are talking about?
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brian ramos


i want to remove the ordinary things done .........and put something else
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In the bottom right-hand corner, you see:
Get smart with the Thesis WordPress Theme from DIYthemes.
                                                                                WordPress Admin

You can change the text yourself by clicking on WordPress Admin

Enter your username and password and you can put whatever title text you desire :-)
paul are you being sarcastic
Not at all - I have a WordPress site & I created one for a friend. You DO have a username and password, right?

Go to Settings -> General:User generated image
When you click on WordPress Admin, this is the screen you should see in Safari:User generated image
I mean the image not the tagline. Changing the tag line wint change the image wording
User generated imageTo change it graphically, at first i thought i'd clone/patch tool it away, but like many graphic projects sometimes you need to create ways to accomplish the task at hand.   I decided for quality reasons, it would be better to recreate some elements.  

I duplicated the original layer to edit it.

I used the Elliptical Marquee Tool/Paint Bucket Tool to create each circle on individual layers. I simply created white circles, then used the Blending Option "Gradient Overlay" to recreate the gradient within the circles.   I sampled the bottom and top of the original circle for the gradient colors.   I did this for each circle.

I created a line and sampled the blue for the line out of the original line.  I did this to be able to keep the line on top of the new circles.

I then used the Patch/Clone Tools to patch/clone the words out of the copy of the original image.

I then added a text layer on top.

I carefully labeled the PSD, so you can go into it to see the additional layers i added.    The PSD is attached.
thanks a lot but i do not own photshop...

here's what

can you just change the tag line in my image from ordinary things etc

to "For People Who Aren't Interesting In Proving Themselves But Improving Themselves"

Leave the Brian's Motivational Blog

send it as a png or Jpeg etc.....

Do you have the original image without text?
taylor can you write in the

"For People Who Aren't Interesting In Proving Themselves But Improving Themselves"

on the path that you removed??

leave out the quotes
Ok i did it on my own

tell what you think

I used this site

can this site be used to remove the words as you did as well???
Your edit looks fine.   The only thing i'd change it the amount of compression on the image.

I hadn't seen that editor website before.   It looks like it has all the basic editing tools.   I haven't used it before so i'm not so sure how good it edits.   Much of this type of editing takes lots of practice.     Photoshop is an industry standard for a reason, it's a excellent editor.
Well can you change the compression and make it better?
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thanks a are very helpful.....just curious but how would you suggest someone to learn photoshop???

buy an online course or something?????
You could do online courses.   Don't forget how useful youtube is and free.   If you do a search for Photoshop tutorial in youtube you will find plenty.   The way Photoshop goes, you learn a few tools and a few tricks in Photoshop and then grow in it for many years to come (adding more tools and tricks along the way).   I started using Photoshop in 1994 and have much more to learn.

Once you learn a few tools, then you'll spend years getting better at using them.   It's just like painters, they spend lots of time with different types of brushes and tools to better at using them in their art.
ok great.....thanks a lot