Hi everybody! our client change a old  NORTEL meridian and get Cisco UC560 but the old voice network works with E&M signaling (Cisco 2800 1 serial and 3 vics whit 6 ports E&M) to communicate all others offices.
The question is…how to communicate whit others offices using same E&M network, not all office have a new CISCO UC560 yet.
Hola todo el mundo!
nuestro cliente cambiar un viejo NORTEL meridian y actualizo a UC560 de Cisco, pero la antigua red de voz funciona con E & M (Cisco 2800 1 serie y 3 vics whit 6 puertos E & M) de señalización para comunicar a todos los demás oficinas.  La pregunta es …como comunicarse con  otras oficinas utilizando la misma red E & M, no todas las oficinas tienen un nuevo UC560 CISCO
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mark_06Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The UC560 supports all the VIC's that the 2800's support. So you can use one of those, however if all the other sites are using Cisco 2800 for voice then you have the option of using SIP or H323 instead. But depending on the number of sites, a UC560 might not be the best device to use.
agonza07Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Send the calls from the UC560 over VoIP, and then translate that to E&M at the 2800 series side.

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