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Volume show up as an incorrect size.


We have a Dell power edge 1950 Windows 2008 64 bit file server attached to a EMC CX4-120 SAN via fiber. We recently increased on of the LUNs from 2499GB to 3220GB.  

Windows detected the increase disk size and under disk management it shows up at the new size of 3220GB. We have extended the Volume to take up all space on the disk but it is still showing up at the old size.

i have attached a picture of disk management. The disk i am referring to is Disk 8 and the Volume is Q.

thanks for the help in advanced.
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Haresh Nikumbh
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reboot the computer, boot in Safe Mode to check if it still reports the incorrect free space.
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Subhashish Laha
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Perfect, thanks for your help.