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ceil or round in oracle

select (10.5*15.01) from dual


I tried using ceil and also round

I get the value 158.

I need help in decimals. 605 has to be 61 -- 157.61
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Sean Stuber

select round(10.5*15.01,2) from dual

select ceil(100*10.5*15.01)/100 from dual
, round(x,3)
, ceil(x)
, floor(x)
from (
      select (10.5*15.01) as x from dual

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ROUND(X,0)      ROUND(X,3)      CEIL(X)      FLOOR(X)
158                 157.605         158         157

not sure what you are asking for
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select (ceil(100*70*15.01)/100) from dual
   select round(70*15.01,2) from dual


Is there a ways to have 1050.70?
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Sean Stuber

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... or just do the formatting "later" within your frontend...

But the point is: what exactly are you asking for / what do you want to do ?!
I am asking for formatting the numbers that I get as results. rounding the decimals to 2 decimals.
formatted rounded to 2 decimals....

 select to_char(round(70*15.01,2),'fm9999.00') from dual

with round() YOU specify the number of decimals points as the second parameter in that function

for "display" you use to_char, THEN there you may also specify the number of decimal points to show for presentation by the "format mask" (which is the second parameter to that function).

I'd suggest you get familiar with these functions