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multiple DHCP server

we have a DC with dhcp server each in two location and they are link through point to point wireless and with an ADSL router independently, suddenly our DC from other location just died, was not booting up anymore. The clients are not getting any IP from the server. I was planning to hook them up to the other location, how do i create a muliple dhcp server so that they get an ip address to their computers?  

location 1 - - DC is down
location 2 -
any help please?

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They are in separate scope,
Location1-- IP range: -
Router -
Dhcp server -

Location 2---IP Range:
Router -
Dns server:

Routing switch:
Please try the split-scope option from the above link and check if that helps.

Keep me posted :)
Is this available in windows 2003 r2 standard?