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Restoring SBS 2008 From Backup (BSOD)

Hello, I am attempting to restore a backup of my 2008 SBS server to a Hyper-v virtual machine

I have attempted to restore my backup from a storagecraft backup and a windows server backup image.

Upon booting the server once the image has been copied, I receive a BSOD telling me to boot into Directory Services mode.

Why is this happening and how can get past this so my server boots normally?
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In order to restore AD, server needs to be booted in DS Mode, see this link:
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Ok I need to boot into DS mode...not sure what to do from there, the link you provided seems to give information about DS mode but does not seem to help with my situation.
Once booted into DS mode, you should restore AD from your back up, than reboot normally and continue with the rest of your restore.
Is that normal behavior ?

Should I not be able to just restore without having to restore ad separately?
Yes thats normal.  To restore your system state you need to be booted into DS mode
The only thing I'm wondering is since you did a full restore that included your sys state without being in DS mode, if your box is getting confused and thats why it keeps asking you to restart is DS mode.  I don't know if its possible or too time consuming to start from a scratch and do a clean restore, start off with booting into DS mode, restore your sys state, reboot into normal mode and restore the rest of of your server.
well I restored an image to a hyper v vm, restarted in ds mode and restored the system state, upon rebooted I still receive the same bsod, telling me to boot into ds mode...

so what I just got finished failing at was...we also use storagecraft for backups so I took the most recent image and restored it...

and am still getting the error...bsod telling me to boot into ds mode...

not sure how to repair this issue.
I understand how to get into ds mode, but do not know how to repair it so I can boot normally.
I did use the command prompt to restore the system state (this was performed while in ds mode since I cannot get into any other mode)

and I still receive the same bsod upon restart.

How do I go about repairing the issue?
Ok, if Sys state is restored and everything seems ok except it keeps booting in DS mode, it's caught in a boot loop and you'll need to run a fe commands to clear it.  See the article below.
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I was able to solve the issue myself, the answers I received from others did not help nor where they specific to my issue.