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Looking for a good affordable scripting tool for mass ADDS 2008 R2 changes

Hi EEs,

Windows 2008 R2 ADDS Domain

Could you recommend an affordable (under $500) software tool that will allow me to process changes to several thousand user accounts

I am aware of ADModify.NET and ADSI tool...

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Ben Hart
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powershell..  Although something tells me your not looking for a scripting tool but an application to help you create scripts yes?  If so then I'd recommend PowerGUI
It all depends. What are you trying to change exactly? And would this be a one time change or something that will need to be changed frequently? There already exists many scripts out there that could possibly do what you need.
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Sorry .....ubadmin...yes, an application to help me create scripts yes, will check it out

I need to add/remove several hundred user accounts (and setup std fields)
I currently need to change the user domain suffix for thousands of users to an alternate suffix :)
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No automated style solution provided
Yean Manage Engine seems to have what I need