android contacts lost

only want an answer for android 2..3.4 (not a newer version)

The last two contacts I saved to default gmail (not sim card) on android phone was area with no cell phone reception

now I can not find these contacts

would contacts be saved in a backup or another area on the phone
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BT15Connect With a Mentor Commented:
to get clarification, its the 2 contacts that you saved to Gmail that you cannot find?

have you logged into your gmail account (from a PC) to see if they ever sync'd there?
rgb192Author Commented:
these contacts are not on gmail account (viewing from pc)
DipakConnect With a Mentor Commented:
go the below mentioned link and check whether your contacts are there or not.

If they were added to Google contacts from mobile, then they should be present at above link.
rgb192Author Commented:

the contacts I attempted to add (which my phone said were added) in a bad reception area
were not added do not appear
rgb192Author Commented:
these suggestions could work, but I can not find

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