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Multimediaplayer for playing videos from Synology NAS (XBMC?)


I'm looking for a mediaplayer to attach to my TV. It should be a low power consumption device that can run 24/7 or fastly boot and able to play movies from my Synology NAS.

In the past I had a NetXtreamer but, whatever I did, when attached to the tv it gave "Video Mode not Supported".
When I ran Windows 7, it worked fine only when setting it to 1280 x 720. However, it was not stable, needed frequent patches, was a slow boot, crashed sometimes etc.

Now I'mlooking for a device that does what I mentioned above and won't have this "video mode not supported" issue.

This is my tv
XBMC would be nice, since I have the Iphone app to control it remote,  but other suggestions are fine for me too. Appletv2 could do this (jailbreak), but don't want to buy old Appletv + will it play on my tv (video mode not supported)?

Please advise.

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I just softmodded an original xbox to XBMC not to long ago.

I have play with it a little and can pull content from my computer over the lan.. I haven't tried streaming from the Net yet.

Unless you have one sitting around gathering dust, you might want to go with the Xbox360 instead.

Another option to look at, is a Slingbox:
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Thanks. Great for you but what does that help for me? Will it work for my  tv/config, "video mode not supported"? & how do I "softmod" then?
After looking over your tv specs again, the Xbox might not be the best way to go. It only has Composite output.
Plus I assume you mostly use PAL?

I have a plumber on the way over, so I will get back to this later.

using XBMC
For the Xbox360 softmod , try Googling that (Xbox360 softmod). for a quick overview of the subject. xboxscene and xboxhq are 2 good sites.

But the Slingbox  might be a better option

How are you hoping to connect to the TV?

And yes, either should take care of the "out of range" error.
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Looking at the English manual
I feel you could do better by using a DLNA TV
 The Connectivity on this TV is limited
•Ext 1 Scart: Audio L/R, CVBS in/out, RGB
•Ext 2 Scart: Audio L/R, CVBS in/out, S-video in
•AV 3: DVI-I with HDCP, Audio-in mini jack 3.5mm
•Front / Side connections: Audio L/R in, CVBS in, Headphone Out, S-video in
Most TV support a USB connected media box the video formats supported are mpg mpeg and avi, yours does not support USB by the looks of it.
This is the simplest method as you don't have transcode,
What format is the video?
You could stick all your video on to a USB 4 terrabyte WD USB drive then connect it to a media box.
The box lets you plug in your USB storage and stream to your HDTV in 1080p over HDMI or composite
Western Digital WD TV HD Media Player
I recently had the pleasure of hooking up a Rasberry PI straight to my Samsung TV.
Simply connecting a USB drive to the Rasberry it supported mp4 beautiful quality
Luckily I had a rubber keyboard and the right cables
You can now get a case for them.
If it helps
How to enjoy multimedia contents stored on Synology NAS with DLNA/UPnP-compliant DMAs
Why buy another tv with dlna when my settopbox supports dlna? However the dlna doesn t work for every movie (sometimes black screen, no sound, incompatible format ...). Besides there is no subtitle support on dlna.
Raspberry pie with xbmc would be great, but then with my Synology nas, not an usb. However, I d need to be sure the resolution is supported.
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You could try the Ouya or GameStick.

They are Android based consoles that have XMBC either included or as free add-ons.
Both will be released soon (Ouya June 25, GameStick sometime in July).

The GameStick will have XMBC and DLNA support from September via a firmware update so it may not suit you just yet.

They are both under $100.