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I need advice in setting up DNS entries Windows Server 2008

I just got the following instructions from our corporate headquarters;

"You will need to create DNS entries for the following names and IPs .. this will permit your users to use URL's they receive in email."

And a list of FQDNs and public follow i.e.

We are a different domain then our corporate headquarters and have no trust, but we will have a VPN tunnel. The result of the  DNS entries is to allow users URLs sent in emails to resolve back to the user.

I am in our DNS server and see "" and I see where to add "Host Entries" but if I put these addresses there it will be extened with our domain, which I am calling "" Where can I make entries in DNS to resolve a public IP to a FQDN that is not part of our domain?
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So you need to have hosts in your domain resolve names in the corporate zone?  Have you thought about conditional forwarders/stub zone/or secondary zone.  


I think you can just put in an A Record in your forward lookup zone to it resolves.

For example,

If users frequently need to talk to a domain ( the DNS for that domain is not published, you would create an A record for their domain.

Therefore, if a user on tries to point IE or Explorer at, your DNS would not know where "Widget" is, but it would know that since "Widget" resides at it would forward that request to their DNS servers.  I suspect that you would point it at their DNS.
....he is asking where to put the A record.  His DNS server doesn't have a zone for


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this intstructions just say add DNS entries for

I guess I will just have to ask corp to be more specific..thanks
In your MMC, right click your DNS server and select New Zone, make it forward lookup zone, give it the name of the other domain, specify the IP addresses of the DNS servers and voila!
He could just setup a conditional forwarder.


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