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We are using Exchange 2010 and a lot of Public Folders which were migrated from Exchange 2007 Org.

My question is when we set the local replica age limit on the main public folder will the child folders also inherit that limit.

Say I set the local replica age limit for the mail folder Legal and there are three sub-folders under it Important Emails, Legal Calendar, Meetings

Will these sub-folders automatically inherit the 90 day local replica age limit ?

I am asking this as we have noticed some missing items in a public folder calendar.

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srinivaskakumanuAuthor Commented:
then the Public Folder will take the default age limit of the database.
Ben HartCommented:
reading here: Looks like by default the child folders do not inherite the settings.
srinivaskakumanuAuthor Commented:
If there is a limit of 365 days set on the public folder database and no limit has been set on the public folders contained in that database, does that mean that it will take the age limit from the database?
srinivaskakumanuAuthor Commented:
I researched it myself and found the answer
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